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ARPG Arena

10 Minute Online or Solo Matches:

Starting with an 8 minute map run: 


The player traverses a small map choosing from many possible actions ranging from risk-free to higher-risk with varying rewards depending on that difficulty and danger.

ARPG Screenshot.png

30 Seconds to 1 Minute of Crafting:

After the initial 8 minutes, the end door opens and the world turns dark to warn the player. If the player reaches the open door they take what they earned and craft the materials into usable content as they choose. The time they get to do so depends on how much of the 30 second open door time they took to reach this room.

1 Minute Final Battle:

In Single Player, the player battles a boss to see if they are strong enough to win the game. In Multiplayer, the 4 or less remaining players battle it out to the death to decide the final winner.

This prototype of this design was implemented heavily following Mister Taft Creates Zelda-Like tutorial on YouTube. Along with many custom changes on those base system mechanics.

Some assets were those CCO assets linked in this tutorial while others came from humble bundle asset packs.

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